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Craving chocolate? Psychological technique could help you resist

Chocolate lovers know only too well the difficulties of resisting a cocoa-filled treat; once the thought of chocolate enters the mind, it can be near impossible to ignore. However, new research suggests that a two-stage psychological technique could help to abolish those chocolate cravings.

[A woman trying to resist chocolate]

A study suggests that cognitive defusion and guided imagery may help us to resist chocolate cravings.

Researchers from Flinders University in Australia reveal how cognitive defusion and guided imagery helped to lower the desire for chocolate among young women who were craving the indulgent treat.

Lead researcher Sophie Schumacher, of the School of Psychology at Flinders, and colleagues recently reported their findings in the journal Appetite.

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the nation’s favorite treats, with United States citizens devouring around 2.8 million pounds of chocolate annually – the equivalent to around 12 pounds per person.

In moderation, chocolate may be beneficial for health, with studies linking moderate chocolate intake to better cognitive function and heart health.

However, the possible harms of consuming too much chocolate should not be overlooked; its high fat and sugar content can increase the risk of obesity and associated conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

So how can we eradicate those intrusive thoughts that make us want to gorge on chocolatey treats? The new study suggests that it is all down to self-awareness.

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